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YCSD School Board Notes - February 2015

I am writing to share information with you regarding our most recent School Board special meeting, held earlier this week on Monday, February 9.


Financial Matters

Dr. Shandor shared additional information regarding the Superintendent’s Proposed FY16 Operating Budget, which he subsequently released yesterday. The proposed $130.2 million spending plan focuses on the top priority for the superintendent as well as all five school board members-staff compensation. Based on new budget recommendations from House and Senate budget committees, the division anticipates receiving additional state funding to support salary increases. Therefore, the superintendent has proposed providing a step increase for all employees, along with a proposal to restore one step for all eligible staff members who are eligible to have five steps restored. Combined, these proposals, which will help achieve the division’s goal to make compensation more competitive in continuing to attract, hire and retain high quality staff, would cost $2.4 million to fund.

Dr. Shandor has also identified transportation and technology infrastructure as two other top priorities. The division currently has 23 buses which are more than 14 years old and/or have more than 200,000 miles which exceeds the replacement cycle goal. Approximately $500,000 would be needed to replace four buses and purchase vehicle parts and supplies. Likewise, we need to address the life expectancy of storage systems and servers which support major classroom tools. Partial replacement would cost $800,000.

In addition to outlining the spending priorities in his proposed budget, Dr. Shandor identified more than $1.8 million in reductions to support funding of those priorities. Those reductions, combined with the anticipated increase in state funding, leave a gap of $1.65 million which would need to be funded locally.

Dr. Shandor and division staff have carefully crafted a budget proposal which they consider to be fiscally responsible while meeting some of the needs of the division. Both the superintendent and the School Board recognize that, in one fiscal year, we cannot address all of the cuts we have had to make in prior years, but we must make progress in addressing the needs of our students, our staff and our facilities.

Here are a few other key facts relating to the Superintendent's Proposed FY16 Operating Budget:

  • Budget includes $768,000 to address rising student enrollment and to meet objectives to maintain an average class sizes of 25 or less at the elementary level and 30 or less in core secondary courses.
  • Health insurance premiums are expected to go down by 3.6% for the division and participating staff.
  • Dental rates will not increase for Delta Premier plan members, and Delta Care plan members will see a modest increase of $1-3 per month, depending on the plan selected.
  • The final 1% shift of the VRS mandate must take place in FY16. Also included is a 0.1% (one tenth of a percent) hold harmless increase for employees.

For more details, including the complete Superintendent’s Proposed FY16 Operating Budget and work session presentation, please visit the FY16 budget page of the division website.

The School Board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the Superintendent’s Proposed FY16 Operating Budget at the regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m., Monday, February 23, at York Hall. The board will then adopt its own proposed budget on March 30. This budget may reflect revisions to the superintendent’s proposal. It is the School Board proposed budget that will be forwarded to the County Board of Supervisors for their consideration during their budget process. The two boards have already held a joint work session regarding the budget and plan to hold continue meetings and communicating throughout the budget process.

I encourage you to provide School Board members, members of the Board of Supervisors, and our state legislators with input regarding funding for our schools. Contact information for each of these three groups is available online. If you email members of our Board of Supervisors or the state legislature, you are welcome to copy me at mmedford@ycsd.york.va.us.


Thank you for your support of our students, schools and school division.

Mark Medford
School Board Chair
On Behalf of the York County School Board

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