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YCSD School Board Notes - March 2016

I am writing to share information with you from our March School Board work session.


Financial Matters

Dr. Shandor and Dennis Jarrett, chief financial officer, presented information on the FY17 Proposed Operating Budget.

The General Assembly’s approved budget will add $287,565 beyond the governor’s proposal in state funding for FY17. As we have continued through this budget cycle, staff have identified some additional mandated/required expenses as well as additional savings opportunities since the budget proposal was prepared in February. The superintendent also shared some other areas in need of addressing, such as para-educator staffing and the textbook and school bus replacement cycles. Dr. Shandor advised that end-of-year funds could be used towards textbooks and materials.

The School Board has asked Dr. Shandor to prepare a revised budget proposal that will include the additional state revenue as well as the additional identified budget items, minus the textbooks. These adjustments will reduce the school division’s proposed contribution request to the Board of Supervisors by approximately $126,000.

Operational Matters

Attendance Zones Community Meeting
Dr. Carl James, chief operations officer, provided the Board with information from the community meeting held to gather feedback regarding the proposed adjustment to two elementary attendance zones.

The division has recommended possible changes to the Yorktown Elementary and Seaford Elementary schools’ attendance zones as to help address the growing student population at YES. One area under consideration is the new Yorktown Crescent development which is projected to bring 27 additional students to YES. The development was selected as it is still under construction and meets other considerations the division uses in establishing attendance zones, which include not splitting neighborhoods between zones, setting contiguous boundary lines along geographic features such as roadways and waterways, and providing ample orientation time to a new school for families.

He reported that approximately 30 people attended the meeting and were supportive of this proposal. Some questions were asked about the accuracy of the enrollment projections and long-term impacts on individual schools as elementary enrollment in the York zone continues to grow.

The School Board discussed both this short-term solution as well as the need to begin exploring additional attendance zone adjustments in preparation for the proposed new elementary school. The Board will hold a public hearing on the YES/SES attendance zone adjustment during the April monthly meeting.

Capital Improvement Program
Dr. James also shared an update on the division’s Capital Improvement Program, reviewing the status of projects approved for Fiscal Years 14 through 16 as well as proposed projects for the years FY17 through 22 and beyond. The county administrator has recommended moving from a 10-year program to a 6-year program, with a recommendation of $67 million in school division CIP funding for FY17 through FY22. The school division’s request for that same time period was $89 million, $22 million more than recommended. For FY17, the division requested just over $16.5 million, while the county administrator has recommended $9 million. Dr. James provided a comparison of the division’s proposed project timeline to a timeline based on the county administrator’s proposed funding levels, which would push a majority of projects back two years. The construction of a new elementary school is included in the timelines.

2016-17 School Calendar
Staff also presented a draft of the 2016-17 School Calendar. The calendar is developed by a committee of YCSD staff and parents in conjunction with a regional calendar committee. The proposed calendar provides for 181 student days beginning Tuesday, September 6. It adds the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as a student and staff holiday and provides for winter break from December 22 through January 2, mirroring the peninsula school divisions with which YCSD shares services. The School Board will vote on the proposed calendar next week.


Thank you for your continued support of the York County School Division. Have a wonderful and safe spring break.


Robert W. George, D.D.S.
School Board Chair
On Behalf of the York County School Board

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