York County School Board Newsletter

YCSD School Board Notes - October 2016

I am writing to share updates on the work of the School Board from this week's Work Session.


Academic Matters

Staff provided details on work underway to reach the objectives set forth in the Strategic Plan. The division is committed to increasing enrollment of underrepresented student groups in advanced courses at the middle school level. While our schools have made growth in the enrollment of economically disadvantaged students, more work will occur to increase the enrollment of black students in advanced classes. Division staff are identifying strategies to help identify and support students in preparing for the advanced coursework.

Another key objective identified in the Strategic Plan is that 75% of graduating seniors will have earned a career and technical certificate, state license, or national occupational assessment credential by FY17. The division has now exceeded that target, with 77% of the Class of 2016 earning one or more credential. In addition, all five high schools have been named W!SE Blue Star Schools for financial literacy based on student performance on the 2015-16 W!SE Financial Literacy Certification test.

Staff also shared that the number of teachers implementing blended learning, the integration of online learning with face-to-face instruction within the same course, doubled from the previous school year. Blended learning provides opportunities to for both teachers and students to extend learning beyond the classroom and outside of the school day.

Operational Matters

Dr. James Carroll, chief human resources officer, provided information on class size across the division based on enrollment at the beginning of the school year. In elementary we monitor individual grades, with the average target of 20:1 in grades K-2 and 25:1 in grades 3-5. Core content class sizes are monitored at the middle and high school levels, where class sizes are targeted to be below 30 students. All grade levels and content areas are below identified targets divisionwide.

Dr. Carl James, chief operations officer, provided an update on the impacts of housing developments on student enrollment while presenting a draft of the Six Year Facilities Master Plan. Some of the proposed/approved developments are not moving forward as quickly as previously projected, which means we have not seen the anticipated enrollment increase this year. We will continue to monitor the housing developments and identify options to address enrollment. The two strategies we will implement are a review of current elementary school enrollment and attendance zones and the construction of a new elementary school. The division is reviewing proposals from vendors to analyze attendance zones and provide balancing recommendations. This process will involve opportunities for our community to provide input and feedback prior to implementation, which is targeted for the 2017-18 school year. Funding for the elementary school construction will be recommended to be included in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) beginning in FY19. Staff also provided information about CIP projects that have been recommended for funding in FY18-FY23.

This is a just a brief overview of our discussions at the October Work Session. We encourage you to watch our meetings and work sessions, which are broadcast live on YCSD-TV, Channel 47 (Cox) and Channel 39 (Verizon), and then rebroadcast on alternating nights at 7 p.m.I look forward to additional opportunities to share important information regarding our schools.

Our next School Board meeting will be held at York Hall at 7 p.m. on Monday, October 24.


Robert W. George, D.D.S.
School Board Chair
On Behalf of the York County School Board

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